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Sankalp’s sessions are aimed at converting amateurs to professional storyteller, thus helping them to get into the driving seat in their lives. Using his approach of storytelling, students/professionals can unite facts (about them) with strong emotions which results in formation of an emotional connect with theiraudience. And once this connect is formed there are high chances that you will be able to motivate/influence/convince your audience.

He offers the following courses:

A. Get Placed: The storytelling route – Your guide to crack the competitive job market

Sankalp has been in continuous touch with HR of various leading organizations for over 5 years now, and understands the reasons behind shortlisting of students based on GDs and PIs.

He clearly puts down the objectives of HR in front of his students, before detailing out how stories can be formed around there strengths. Using his approach of storytelling, students can unite facts (about them) with strong emotions which results in formation of an emotional connect with the interviewer. The result is guaranteed success in placement interviews.

If you ever wondered how to answer the following questions, then you must hear his take on them. He will help you figure out your strengths and make you build stories around them.

a. Tell me something about yourself?
b. What motivates you?
c. Your strength and weakness?
d. Why you opted for MBA?
e. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
f. What salary are you expecting?
g. Tell me that one instance when you failed?
h. Do you have any questions for me?

B. How to Lead with a Story

As a young and dynamic trainer, Sankalp brings on table a very unique approach of telling stories to connect with people. He is one of the first few speakers in India who have been talking about the power of stories. Today we all are into people business, day-in and day-out we are interacting with people. He believes that a sure short success mantra for excelling in this public businessis by being a storyteller.

Sankalp conducts detailed session on understanding the power of storytelling using case studies spreading across various brands, political leaders and sports persons. Once the audience appreciates the impact that stories can create, they are made to practice and hone their storytelling skills through numerous activities (both individually and in groups).

His sessions are more fun minus the usual gyan.

You must attend a session to see the kind of engagement he has with his audience!

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